“In this ever changing times, where we need to isolate ourselves and embrace social distancing, we need to ask ourselves what are we doing to our planet? Organic Agriculture is more favorable for the health of the earth and everything that grows. Support Organic Agriculture by choosing Shri Raj Farms organic products.”



Growing up on the borders of the city, our founders were always closer to the nature. Passionately fed by their mother with pure wholesome food every day, they became connoisseurs of all that was produced naturally and tasted good. Shri Raj Farms began with a visionary endeavour by Sh. Sudesh Sharma, he is retired from Govt. Service in 2014, after his retirement he always engaged himself in his family business of agriculture and dairy farming. Before joining his government service in 1978, he was helping his father Late Sh. Raj Mal Sharma in family agricultural business.

During his service whenever he gets time he spares himself in the field and has a keen interest in agricultural farming. It was then they realized how difficult it had become for people to eat organic food in the cities of India. People were desperately wishing to move towards a healthier way of eating, but there was no one to cater to the need. That’s when their passion for organic food gave birth to a dream, the dream to provide their nation with natural, nutritious, pure and wholesome food.

We effectively involved in organic farming in 2016, we are doing natural farming without the use of any chemical fertilizer, pesticide in our agricultural field. We use vermicompost manure for improving the fertility of soil for growing our Produce/Vegetables/Crops.

Dairy is at the heart of everyone’s diet in India. Milk and all the other dairy products made from it, like butter, yogurt, ice-cream and cheese are the main stay of all that we eat here. So, as a first step to our dream, we have created a 25 acre farm on a beautiful piece of land Ram Kalwan on the borders of Punjab. We call it Shri Raj Farms.



Shri Raj Farms Vision is to become the perfect model organization that marries the concept of social good and environment sustainability with building a powerful brand that resonates with the emerging consumer who is looking for ethical and better for you foods and beverages. We believe that by enriching people and the land around us, an organization can be more successful in a shorter span of time.

Our strong belief is that better for you and healthier food choices should not compromise on taste. That is the challenge we have taken up and we set a high benchmark for ourselves to give you really exciting food and snacking options that are also healthier. We also believe that it’s our responsibility to make home cooking easier and more fun for the whole family. Food is what brings us all together and should be the source of love, warmth, good health, laughter and joy.