We do our best to always support the environment. We’re committed to working strictly with our farmers who grow organically, in all senses of the word. We believe in growing organic products the way nature intended – sustainably, and holistically, without the use of pesticides. We’re so lucky to work with farmers who are always striving to improve product quality and nutrition, soil health, and environmental diversity with each new growing season.

The diversity of produce has dropped 75% over the last 100 years; so we’re really proud of our farmers who are committed to increasing the diversity of what they grow. This means more new, unusual and little-known heirloom varieties for you, and fewer mono-cropped industrial farm operations.

Increasing the diversity of the crops grown on a farm provides farmers with an added layer of security in this erratic climate era. It supports biodiversity, reduces pest pressures, and the risk of widespread plant diseases, so we can enjoy more of our favourites for many years to come!

Why It's Worth It


Love What You Eat

Taste the real organic difference with crazy fresh and delicious products that’s good for you too. From small scale local farmers that are working to preserve farmland here in India.


We use our own dairy farm cow dung and agricultural waste for making vermicompost manure which is then used in the fields for growing organic crops.

Vermi compost
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Your brain space is precious, so forget all of the extra trips around the city and let us help you get all of your favourites ordered and customized online, and delivered right to your door.