“Horticulture is a branch of plant agriculture and is both a science and an art. … Horticultural crops include the vegetables, fruits, and nuts which are directly used by man for food, the flowers and other ornamental plants for aesthetic uses or visual enjoyment, and those used for medicinal purposes.”



For us, it’s about drawing on our roots and staying true to our values as we deal with the challenges of our time and adapt to a new future of farming.

It’s about learning to work together in changing climates and ensuring we keep producing food that’s fresh, affordable and nutritious. We’re on a mission to celebrate well grown while setting the standard in sustainable commercial farming. It’s all part of sharing healthy food on a scale that’s large enough to nourish India and beyond. Together we’re growing a future of real produce.

Shri Raj Farms Horticulture aims to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of fruit, vegetable, ornamental and beverage crops in India to improve livelihoods and deliver safe nutritious food.

The focus is on improving production practice to increase yield and minimising pre-harvest and post-harvest loss, working along the supply chain and across a large variety of commodities, including fruits and various indigenous and traditional vegetables.