Organic produce has become increasingly popular in recent years, as consumers have grown more health conscious and environmentally aware. Consumption of vegetables yeilds to high amount of nutrients awarded to our body. But are you aware of the fact that probably the nutrition value of your inorganic vegetables might just be below average?

Yes! You read it right. Buying inorganically grown vegetables also awards you with the pesticides and chemical substances that cause ailments and form obstacles in the natural growth of the body.

Buying organic vegetables would assure you that the vegetables abide to provide your requirements in terms of nutrition. The Shri Raj Farms is one junction that would meet your organic vegetable requirement well in time and at one place.

We are using vermicompost manure for growing our Produce/Vegetables/Crops. Vermicompost is a water-soluble, rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. Worm castings are high in organic matter, humus, beneficial organisms, bacteria and microbes and are extremely rich in calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphates, and potash that are plant ready nutrients and by far the best fertilizer.

We don’t use any chemical fertilizers/Pesticides in our fields and incase required we use neem oil and other natural pesticides.

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