Buffalo Milk – 1Ltr


Milk produced from buffaloes is also rich in calcium and minerals as in cow milk but low in cholesterol, highly rich in fats providing immense energy and good health. Buffalo milk is largely consumed in Asia. Usually preferred by infants, elders and seniors, buffalo’s milk is easily digested and absorbed. Buffalo milk is quite rarely heard but it has a numerous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, builds strong bones, heart health, and improve blood circulation. 

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Buffalo milk could actually prove very beneficial for your overall heart health. It is high in calcium (412.4mg in one cup). Calcium helps in staving off the risk of hypertension by keeping blood vessels elastic, which ensures smooth flow of blood. Buffalo milk is also decently low in cholesterol as compared to other milk sources, which is again a good news for your heart.

Buffalo milk is a rich source of calcium. Buffalo milk is also loaded with other minerals such as copper, manganese, phosphorous and zinc which further helps strengthen bones. Buffalo milk has more calcium than cow milk. It may help prevent onset of bone related ailments like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Buffalo milk boasts of decent potassium content that is extremely crucial for stable blood pressure. Potassium acts as a vasodilator which widens the blood vessels and arteries and ensures easy blood flow. Potassium can also prevent other coronary complications like hardening of arteries.

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